Ahh well.. Lolo seems quite annoyed with Siddhartha Kapoor after an event together

Sidharth and Karisma were photographed together at an event hosted by the All India Ophthalmological Society (AIOS) and Indian Medical Association (IMA) as a part of World Diabetes Week, a couple of days back. This is the first time that they have been seen together in one frame for a public event. Siddharth and Karisma also took part in a panel discussion on occasion of ‘World Diabetes Week’ and conveyed how important is to take care of your health. The duo also added that one should not ignore the signs of diabetes.

Karisma Kapoor, Siddhartha Kapoor, Diabetes, event
Sidharth Malhotra and Karisma Kapoor attend Diabetes awareness event

But what did not go quite well was the fact that before coming to the event, Sidharth had already told the organisers that he’ll be in a rush due to a shortage of time and will leave instantly. Due to this, when both of them had to publicly speak on the occasion, Siddhartha was handed the mic first due to his urgency.

Karisma Kapoor, Siddhartha Malhotra
Karisma and Siddhartha attended the event recently together

Siddhartha did not quite like this, and so he offered the mic to Karisma for her to speak, but Bebo refused saying “You are getting late”. But more than all of this, what turned out to be the worst part was that after Siddhartha gave his speech and rushed off while Bebo was yet to take the stage.

We joust hope that this does not grow further and things get sidelined and forgotten soon between the two.


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