“Contract over for Incredible India, govt did not remove Aamir Khan”

After all the speculations and misinterpretations, Ministry of Tourism finally made a clear statement on controversy of Aamir khan being the brand ambassador for Incredible India. The Ministry of Tourism denied reports that Aamir Khan was removed as the brand ambassador for its Incredible India campaign.

Aamir Khan, Incredible India, Brand Ambassador, Mahesh Sharma, Ministry of Tourism
About the controversy over Khan’s remark, he said: “We have nothing do with it. That (Aamir’s remark) was a non-issue for us. The Ministry of Tourism has nothing to do with that.”

In an interview with a leading English daily, Mahesh Sharma, MoS, Ministry of Tourism, said that it was purely a contractual matter with advertising agency McCann Worldgroup. The Rs 2.96-crore contract with the agency, which featured Khan in a film for the ministry. He added “Our agreement was with a media agency namely McCann. That was for a particular work. That work they have delivered to us. They have completed that project. Hence, that contract is now over.”

Spokesperson from McCann Worldgroup also confirmed the same and mentioned how Aamir Khan had graciously lent his support for the contract (between McCann and Ministry of Tourism) on Atithi Devo Bhavah campaign during its inception.

On the query of Aamir Khan being a part of any other film by the ministry, Mahesh Sharma said “Future is future.”


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