Gadré at Café Public Connection – Sticks made of fish that tastes like Crab — What the fish!

Gadré Marine Export Pvt Ltd (on Friday) in association with Café Public Connection held an event inviting all the food journalists and bloggers in the capital for a food tasting session. At the event, the guests were served a wide range of newly launched products by Gadré, along with lip smacking beverage. To me, what was strikingly strange was the absence of that peculiar smell that one gets from seafood products/dishes. All the dishes that were served, were amazingly tasty!!

Gadre Premium Seafood and Vikas Khanna launches Crab Sticks for the first time in India
Gadre Premium Seafood and Vikas Khanna launches Crab Sticks for the first time in India

Crabsticks were first created in Japan in 1975. Over the last 5 years they have gained immense popularity in developed countries and are widely used in sushi, salads and other dishes. It’s time for India to stop being left behind when it comes to consumption of Premium Quality Frozen food.

Crabsticks are so versatile that they can be eaten fresh from the pack, made in to a quick snack or starter, become a meal in itself when used as a salad, or even go into an elaborate dish as part of a main course. The nature of Crabsticks ensures that they can be served as finger food at parties, as an entrée preceding the main course or even as part of the main course itself.

Sharing his thoughts on the launch of this one of its kind product in India, Mr. Vikas Khanna Brand Ambassador Gadre Premium Sea food quotes: “People don’t know about the utility and benefits of Crabsticks and sea food per say. In today’s fast pace world, food is expected to be on the go, but you shouldn’t skip on health and everyday nutrition too. I’ve also explored the innovative crabsticks and other interesting products from Gadre and made few recipes which will change the way we eat seafood!

Mr Arjun Gadre says, “In terms of all year availability, convenience and cost, Crabsticks are the way of the future. Crabsticks are widely consumed and appreciated across the globe, After exporting crabsticks to more than 10 countries, we decided to enter the growing Indian Market and provide our consumers the same quality of products available abroad.

India is still lacking in acceptance of Frozen Seafood. That’s mainly because of lack of awareness and also because of the unavailability of quality frozen food. Gadre Premium Seafood takes both issues head on. They provide high quality frozen seafood at affordable prices to the consumers. India will be exposed to the same grade of food that is exported to Japan, USA and Europe.
The launch of this product has been planned with an extensive Marketing & Advertising campaign – What the Fish!

What The Fish – an intriguing yet simple term, what the Fish strikes the right chord for the brand and its offering. The campaign is a holistic plan that covers Digital, Print & Electronic media. Being the only pioneer of Crabsticks in India the brand wishes the reach out to seafood lovers everywhere directly.

Gadre brings you Japan’s traditional crab snack, shaped & curved  to excite any  & every taste bud! This any occasion snack is extremely easy  to cook and has a authentic crab flavour, with an exterior so soft that it will melt. Young or old there is no doubt they will all love this healthy & delicious ready to eat snack!


1) Keep frozen until usage

2) Defrost immediately before use

3) consume with in 2 hrs if packet is opened

4) Keep frozen stored when not in use

6) Read instruction before use (allergen ingredients)

7) Take out wrapper before consumption

8) Separated stick filaments can be used to make soup, Burgers, cutlets which can be fried cooked and boiled


  • Refreeze once defrosted
  • Do not boil individual sticks
  • Do not microwave individual sticks
  • Do not cook again and again the ready to eat product


Storage instruction – Always store in freezer compartment – 18 0 C or below

Shelf Life – 24 months

Serving Instructions – Defrost at room temperature 1-2 hours or overnight in refrigerator. Once defrosted serve chilled or store in refrigerator and consume within 24 hours.

Ingredients –   Surimi, sugar, water, Wheat starch, Egg white powder, Natural identical crab flavour, crab extract.



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