Monsoon food cravings β˜•πŸŒ§πŸ€—

Rains and the food cravings that it brings along
Rains and the food cravings that it brings along

Tiny raindrops falling off your windows, the blurring of the window pane, the mesmerising smell of wet ground, and the comfort of being at home in your cosy bed. Does not all of this give us immense tranquility and urges us of having some of the most typical snacks of the weather – samosa, pakoda, paranthas, kachori, tea/coffee, or even ice cream!!

The season, here in Delhi, is just of the sort to munch on those ‘not so healthy’ snacks. Though one should avoid having street food in such weather, but ‘dil hai ki manta nahin’. From children to adults, the rains makes us feel happy and rejuvenated. Despite all the gyaan, we are not able to resist from those pain puris, chowmein, and chat. 

Another way that people sometimes prefer spending such weather is, laying cozily in the bed with a cup of coffee and a favourite book. This is the idea of a perfect day for many. So, which category do you see yourself in? The former or the latter? Do share your thoughts, keep munching on those monsoon must-haves. 


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  1. Rama Gupta says:

    Wonderful article.. relatable 😊

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  2. Saira Lepcha says:

    Oh yes! How exactly you have put across the thoughts..

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    1. Thanks for the appreciation Rama


  3. Thanks Saria.. I am glad that you liked it 😊


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