RailYatri – Let it be your travel guide on journeys

Have you ever tried for searching all the information you need to know related to your train travelling trips?  It is not easy to know the train information like PNR status, trains between stations and other information such as seat availability, etc.

Travel Smart, Travel Safe with Rail Yatri
Travel Smart, Travel Safe with Rail Yatri

But for now, you need not worry about such things. With RailYatri, a train travel website and app, has come to make lives of Indian train travellers more convenient. RailYatri app has everything to help the travellers. You can find all information related to railways in this app very easily that also when you are on the go with the help of your smart phone. Simply download this app and get ready to get everything done in a very convenient way without any efforts. Non-Confirmed PNR numbers which are a big concern for travellers; the application predicts based on previous patterns what is the likelihood of confirmation for the same thus makes one prepared for alternatives if required.

RailYatri which calls itself the Swiss Knife of train travels helps the train travellers in multiple ways and is a very handy app to carry around. RailYatri helps you to find various available trains, seat availabilities, PNR status, train services, food, amenities, phone numbers, travel attractions, and much more. It also offers the great convenience of ordering food in train, which will be delivered to you right at your seat. Thus, you have the luxury of ordering premium meals  during train travels in order to make your travelling experience even better. It’s very simple to check PNR Status and train running status etc with this app.

Moreover, you can gain a lot of information and feedbacks regarding various aspects of train travel, trains, services and destinations through crowd-sourced information. You can also know about the top 5 routes of train, mobile network availability on various locations on track, and many more such important facts.

Not only this, the simple to use interface of RailYatri is its USP. Customizing preferences based on patterns helps avoiding scribbling all over through wide list of options in the app which probably might have no relevance to us.

RailYatri thus, offers everything to make the train travel an easy and convenient task, whether you are a frequent or seldom traveller. RailYatri app is a really great solution for the train relation information except from booking tickets. This app is now available on all three platforms of Android, Windows and Ios.

Click here to download the app- rytr.in/app


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