​Nothing as beautiful as Neemrana Fort Palace

I had heard about the Neemrana Fort Palace from many of my friends, some of whom has actually visited while some just spreading the word of mouth. It did sound like a very historic yet beautiful place. But when I actually visited the place, I realised it was nothing like that I had thought about it.

The place stands tall among the hills, and holds centuries within its interiors. It looked poetic. It was certainly not looking real. I thought I was time traveling into one of those stories that we are told in our childhood. The lush green trees, the old walls, antique items, humongous old gate, palace like rooms, everything seemed Utopian. 

The pool area, the dining area, the hanging garden, the folk dance, everything was just perfect and could not have been better. The food, as expected, was flavourful and appetising. 

By the night, the place becomes all the more pretty and gives the feeling of actually being in a palace. The lighting during the night makes one feel like it’s a Diwali night.

Had I not visited the place, I would have felt ignorant of the most beautiful man made structure. It is a timeless classic and will keep enchanting the visitors with its beauty forever.


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  1. Jay Sharma says:

    Such pretty pictures… Lovely place!!


  2. Yamini Shergill says:

    I visited this place last year. Such an amazing experience!


  3. Ritika Singh says:

    Beautiful pictures.. 😃


  4. Shikha Bhardwaj says:

    Wow 😱


  5. Lovely post. Wrote about Neemrana on my blog as well a little while back. It really is a pretty property and makes the most of the heritage with a few modern touches. Great for a weekend break. Cheers


    1. Yes indeed. I was in the awe of the place for the days that I was there. Amazingly beautiful!

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