Styling tips for the onset of winter

Winters are just around the corner and we have started digging out some old and light winter clothes that we may wear around this time. Though shopping is always the go-to answer for all our dressing requirement, but why not give your creativity also some trial this winter. You never know you might end up…

Mozzarella cheese & onion rings

It had been quite often that I came across this recipe on my Facebook feed. Since the first time I came across it, till the last time, I had the urge to make it. Yesterday the wait ended, and I actually got down to make the dish. The simplicity of the recipe lies in the…

Cookie cutter hacks!!

I have always been very fascinated by cookie cutters and muffin/kulfi moulds; I have always been stocking them ever since. The cute shapes and fancy colours catches my attention really well. But wait, do you know, you can actually use them for a variety of other purposes too, than what they are actually meant for….

White sauce with homemade spaghetti 

White sauce spaghetti is my all time favourite. But, at times, what concerns me the most is the unhealthy spaghetti as it made of refined flour. So here’s my twist to the spaghetti, making it healthier so that you can have it guilt-free. Take regular flour, add a pinch of salt on knead the dough….

Bread medu vada

As I mentioned in my previous post about the usual food cravings that I have, one of the major ones is of south Indian food.. vadas.. medu vada being one of my favourites. It is not easy though to satisfy the craving of this, as it requires certain preparations a day in advance, like soaking…

Oh these pretty rainbow spaghetti and pasta

I got amazed when I came across these vibrant looking rainbow pasta and spaghetti. These are so easy to prepare and takes everyone by surprise. Just separate portions of spaghetti/pasta according to the number of colours Colour the portions with edible food colours of your choice Serve it with the sauce of your choice Do…

Egg-hearts for you!!

I came across this simple trick on how to give those boiled eggs a ‘heart-shape’ and could not wait to share with you guys.. 🙂 So go ahead and try it for yourself!!